Online Thai cooking class that you can enjoy anywhere you like. You will use any program such as Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Webex or another application that works for you. You can invite your family or friends to cook together. You can select 2 menus from our menu list below or contact us about your menu choice. Then we will get back to you with the ingredients list. All ingredients are flexible. If you cannot find some item just skip it, we will help you create a good Thai meal at home. After that, we will discuss the time which suits us both. You can request to do any Thai menu that you love, even something that is not on our list, so just contact us. We will explain and show you step by step how to create each menu so it is very easy to follow. This virtual class provides lots of Thai cooking tips and techniques. We have vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, gluten-free and other options. Let's cook and have fun together.


Online Thai cooking class that you can enjoy anywhere you like.

  Price: 850 Baht/Person   


Menu List



Chicken satay serve with peanut sauce

Beef satay serve with peanut sauce

Fresh spring roll serve with peanut sauce

Fried spring rolls

Kanom pang nha moo (fried bread with minced pork spread)

Papaya salad

Deep fried fish cakes

Deep fried shrimp cakes

Minced chicken salad



   Tom Yum soup

   Coconut milk soup

Thai style clear soup with tofu, glass noodles and vegetables

Cucumber stuff with marinated meat soup

Thai wanton soup



Yellow curry

Green curry

Red curry

Kaw Soi Curry

Massaman curry

Panang curry

   Jungle curry


Stir-Fried and Noodles dishes

Pad Thai

Pad Se Iw (stir-fried big noodles)

Drunken noodles

Sauteed chicken with rice noodles

Sweet and sour

Holy basil with meat

Pineapple fried rice

Prawn with tamarind sauce

Chicken cashew nuts

Stir fried yellow curry powder with any seafood



Mango sticky rice

Longan sticky rice

Steamed banana cake


All menu can make vegetarian version,

if your preferred menu not on here you can request as well. 

*We also have Northern food cooking class. You can specify the menu which you would like to learn. Contact us if you need advice.