If you like more personal class or like to learn more things, we may recommend all the private class below. The class is only for your group, suitable for 1-8 persons. You can choose your favorite dish from our categories. Any special require please let us know.


 Dinner Private Course: 05.00 pm.- 09.30 pm.    

Pick up time: 04.00 pm. or up to your convenience.

If you have short trip in Chiang Mai please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will help you arrange the class.

   Price: 2,200 Baht/Person   

Cook 4 dishes + Make curry paste from scratch

Dinner Course

Choose 4 dishes (any item) from 5 categories.

Able make vegetarian version.

Appetizer: choose one
       Fresh Spring Rolls
Chicken Satay
Beef Satay
Soup: choose one
   Tom Yum  (Classic Hot and Sour Soup) 
   Tom Sabb (Northeast Style Spicy Soup)
    Tom Kha (Classic Coconut Milk Soup)
Make a paste and curry: choose one
Classic Green Curry    (Recommended)
Classic Red Curry   (Recommended)
Classic Yellow Curry   (Recommended)
Panang Curry    (Recommended)
Massaman Curry (Recommended)
Kaw Soi Curry Noodles  (Recommended)
Jungle Curry   (Recommended)
Pineapple Curry   (Recommended)
Orange Curry (Recommended)
Stir-Fried Noodles : choose one
Classic Pad Thai   (Try our secret recipe)
Drunken Noodles or Pad Kee Mao    (Recommended)
Pad Se Iw (stir-fried big noodles)    (Recommended)
Dessert: choose one
Classic Mango Sticky Rice 
Steamed Banana Cake (Recommended)
Longan Sticky Rice (Recommended)
# Private Northern Food Class #
  Price: 2,500 Baht/Person  
Cook 4 dishes, we will serve you in Northern style in "Khantoke" meal.
Your food will serve with sticky rice (we will teach you how to cook sticky rice)
and serve with "Cab Moo" (Pork Crackling, Pork Rind)
*Most Northern dishes have pork as a main ingredient.
Therefore we do not recommend this class to people who do not eat pork or vegetarian. 
                You can choose 4 items from the list below or tell us in advance if you want to cook other menus.  
                                     -Kaw Soi Curry = Chiang Mai curry noodles
                                     -Kha Nom Jeen Nam Ngiao = Rice vermicelli with Northern Thai pork curry
                                     -Nam Prik Ong = Spicy minced pork and tomatoes chilli dip                         
                                     -Nam Prik Num = Spicy Thai green chilli dip
                                     -Hang Lay Curry = Northern Thai style pork and ginger curry                   
                                     -Sai Aua = Chiang Mai sausages
                                     -Larb Moo Kua = Northern Thai style spicy minced pork salad                         
                                     -Tam Kanoon = Young jackfruit salad (depend on the season)
                                     -Gaeng Om Moo = Northern Thai style spicy pork soup              
                                     -Kai Jeow Mod Dang = Thai style omelet with red ant eggs (depend on the season)
# Professional Thai Food Class #
  Price: 2,500 Baht/Person  
Cook 4 dishes from our menu lists or you can choose the menu by yourself.
Example menu:
-Chicken rice (Khao Man Gai)
-Braised pork leg on rice (Khao Kha Mu)
-Steamed fish with spicy sauce (Pla Neung Ma Nao)
-Seafood yellow curry powder (Talay Pad Pong Ka Ree)
-Boat noodles (Kuay Tiew Ruea)
-Thai noodles soup (Kuay Tiew Thai)
-Grilled pork with sticky rice (Khao Niaow Moo Ping)
-Grilled chicken spicy sauce (Gai Yang Jim Jeaw)
-Thai style fried chicken (Gai Tod)
-Sun dried pork (Moo Dad Diew)
-Rice noodles with gravy (Rad Na)
-Stir fried beef holy basil (Kra Prao Nuea)
-Pineapple fried rice (Khao Pad Sapparot)
-Papaya Salad (Som Tam)
-Deep fried spring rolls (Poh Pia Tod)
-Thai sour curry with prawn (Gaeng Som Goong)
-Grilled spicy pork neck salad (Yum Kor Moo Yang)
-Chicken biryani (Khao Mok Gai)
-Rice with red pork (Khao Moo Daeng)
-Rice with crispy pork (Khao Moo Grob)
-Spicy minced pork/chicken salad (Larb Moo/Larb Gai)
-Chicken cashew nuts (Gai Pad Med Ma Muang)
-Crispy catfish flake spicy salad (Yum Pla Duk Fu)
-Stir fried morning glory (Pad Pak Boong)
-Spicy shrimp paste dip (Nam Prik Kapi)
-Fresh vegetable rice wraps with spicy sauce (Kuay Tiew Lui Suan)
Dessert and Thai drink
-Thai iced tea
-Pink cold milk
-Egg custard sticky rice
-Pumkin custard
-Steamed banana with sticky rice
 Contact us if you need advice.

Please arrive with an empty stomach

Beer, Sparkling wine, White wine, Red wine, Thai wine, Thai Rum and soft drinks are available here.