The class is only for your group, suitable for 1-8 persons. Because time is limited some menu the group will do the same dish. You can choose your favorite dish from our categories. Any special require please let us know.


 Dinner Private Course: 05.00 pm.- 09.30 pm.    Pick up time: 04.30 pm.- 05.00 pm.

   Price: 2,000 Baht/Person   

Make 4 dishes + Making curry paste + Make special fried rice serve with your curry


Dinner Course

Choose 4 dishes (any item) from 5 categories.

*Some menu the group will do the same dish*


Able make vegetarian version.

Appetizer: choose one
       Fresh Spring Rolls   
Chicken Satay
Soup: choose one
   Tom Yum  (Classic Hot and Sour Soup)    
   Tom Sabb (Northeast Style Spicy Soup)   
    Tom Kha (Classic Coconut Milk Soup)   
Make a paste and curry: choose one
Classic Green Curry    (Recommended)
Panang Curry    (Recommended)
Massaman Curry (Recommended)
Kaw Soi Curry Noodles  (Recommended)
Stir-Fried Noodles : choose one
Classic Pad Thai  
Drunken Noodles or Pad Kee Mao    (Recommended)
Pad Se Iw (stir-fried big noodles)    (Recommended)
Dessert: choose one
Classic Mango Sticky Rice 
Steamed Banana Cake (Recommended)

Please arrive with an empty stomach