Benny’s Home Cooking Chiang Mai is inspired by me. My name is Benny and I love Thai cooking. I have worked as a Thai cooking instructor for 17 years and I always see my dad ask my mom to prepare a meal everyday so I see my mom make it and I trust every meal from my mom is the best, clean and healthy. As the Thai cooking instructor, every day I meet new friends and they always teach me English. I love to give them the tips, techniques, information and it makes me happy every time that I see my friends love to cook with me. This is the reason why I want to open my own cooking school. Our organic garden around my home is looked after by Nan she is my partner who loves to grow plants and fruits. She and her family taking care of our garden. My home not only welcomes you as a guest but we welcome you as you are our friend and our family.

We would be pleased to help with everything possible for your stay in Chiang Mai
such as taxi, accommodation, restaurant, pub, tourist place, etc
that you want.

We are happy to answer your questions so please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you want to visit Chiang Mai or want to visit our home. We know our area so make us a part of planning your trip. We can offer advice on more than just beautiful Thai cuisine, just contact us.