The class is only for your group, suitable for 1-8 persons. Because time is limited the group will do the same dish. You can choose your favorite dish from our categories. Any special require please let us know.


 Dinner Private Course: 05.00 pm.- 09.30 pm.    Pick up time: 04.30 pm.- 05.00 pm.

   Price: 2,000 Baht/Person   

Make 5 dishes + Making curry paste + Benny salad


Dinner Course

Choose 5 dishes (any item) from 5 categories.

*Each group will do the same dish*


Able make vegetarian version.

Appetizer: choose one
       Fresh Spring Rolls   
Chicken Satay
Soup: choose one
   Tom Yum  (Classic Hot and Sour Soup)    
   Tom Sabb (Northeast Style Spicy Soup)   
    Tom Kha (Classic Coconut Milk Soup)   
Make a paste and curry: choose one
Classic Green Curry   
Panang Curry    (Recommended)
Massaman Curry (Recommended)
Kaw Soi Curry Noodles  (Recommended)
Stir-Fried Noodles : choose one
Classic Pad Thai  
Saute Noodles    (Recommended)
Pad Se Iw (stir-fried big noodles)    (Recommended)
Dessert: choose one
Classic Mango Sticky Rice 
Steamed Banana Cake (Recommended)
Steamed Coconut Cake (Recommended)

Please arrive with an empty stomach